Find the best modern small homes and houses

Living large in small homes and compact spaces has become a worldwide trend, both with customers as well as architects and designers.

But did you know they can also make you feel like you’re in a James Bond movie?

Have you ever marveled at those overwhelming mansions from the James Bond movies? You love those stunning modern houses on the hills from the movies but you’re as far as it gets from being a millionaire?

Well then modern small homes could be just THE solution for you.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, we’re not going to promise you the moon, and to be honest, building a large mansion is probably always going to cost a lot of money. But there are definitely ways you can bring this particular elegance and spaciousness to your home, even if you are on a tight budget.

The advantages are obvious:

Money: In times of uncertain economic outlook, more and more people don't want to or aren't able to make great financial commitments. A modern compact home maybe just THE solution for you, if you don't want to raise a mortgage.

Time: Building a 300m²/3500sq ft house is not only expensive but also quite time-consuming. and we are not even talking about the time it takes to keep such a home organized, tidy an clean. How do you like being your own housemaid?

Environment: Small homes and spaces take up less building material, less heating energy and usually much less resources during construction, also because they tend to be modular and prefabricated. Talk about lessening the carbon foot-print!

Architecture: A reasonable amount of restriction often provokes innovation. Especially in architecture and design size restrictions have always made for interesting solutions. Of which you can be the beneficiary.

What modern and contemporary design means and how it can help you find your dream home

When people talk about “modern” or “contemporary” they often mean a variety of things. Here at, we use a rather simple definition:

cutting-edge in both design and technology.

People often pride themselves in having the newest car, cell phone, clothing, but when it comes to their homes, they' seem to be okay with putting up with outdated design and technology.

But there is no necessity of doing so.

How years of our experience can save you time and money while finding your ideal dream home

At we blend the findings of academic research, years of professional experience in the architecture industry with hands-on practical knowledge of everyday small home owners and builders.